SeaWorld San Antonio: Possible human remains found on theme park property in Texas

Authorities in San Antonio,Texas have a mystery on their hands.

Human remains have been found on property at the SeaWorld theme park.

Possible human remains were discovered in an area where thousands of people gather every day this time of the year.

"At this point it does appear to be human remains... All indications are there," said Sgt. Javier Salazar with San Antonio police.

Police say SeaWorld maintenance workers were in a wooded area south of the park but still on SeaWorld property when they made the gruesome discovery.

Police say the remains have been there so long there's no telling who this was or what happened.

"They could probably have been there for several months maybe upwards of a year. At this point we don't have any identification on the remains. There's no indication of who it might be or what he may have been doing there on the property," said Salazar.

Authorities say SeaWorld visitors wouldn't have noticed the remains, or police activity, but all the unanswered questions still don't sit well with residents who live just across the street.

The medical examiner's office has picked up the remains.

Police are investigating, but say at this point they can't say for sure whether a crime was committed.