Ryan Smith rescues police officer from burning car, woman and two kids from wrecked SUV

A Minnesota man rescued victims in a serious car crash including a police officer in a burning squad car.

The good samaritan heard the accident from his home and quickly ran to the rescue.

This squad car was toast the moment it went up in flames.

Dash cam video captured the blaze.

“Hell, I saved a guy's life for sure. If I didn't react like I did, he probably would've been in there not coming out,” rescuer Ryan Smith said.

Wearing no shoes, Smith, ran from his home to help when he heard a loud bang.

The driver of an SUV blew through the stop sign and slammed into the officer.

“When I came back up, there was a flame underneath the hood. At that time I knew he had to come out of there. I leaned down and told him to grab my shoulder and wrap his arm around my neck and we started walking away from it,” Smith recalled.

On the video you can hear the officer’s moans and groans

Turns out, police say this wasn't the first accident they've responded to an accident at this intersection .

“This is an intersection where people do run the stop sign, especially people who are not familiar with the area,” said Braham Police Chief Robert Knowles. “We've had bad accidents there before.”

The woman who blew the stop sign in the SUV had two kids in the backseat.

And guess what?

Ryan rescued them, too.

But that was before he got the officer out of the burning car.

He says he is no hero.

“Do a favor, return a favor, I guess,” Smith said.