Ron Paul surrounded by support and opposition: Are his 'conservative beliefs' spreading?

Ron Paul is still in the race to be the Republican presidential nominee.

And while he is isn't getting the votes like rival Mitt Romney, he is drawing in large crowds on college campuses.

" I think the guy is a true American," said supporter Mark Kent during Paul's UC Davis visit.

Kent, a tax consultant, drove from Redding to get a glimpse of a man he's followed for a while. He said he no plans to support Romney if he's the nominee.

"If you look at the backers of Mitt Romney and Obama they are the same guys," said Kent. "I would almost not vote."

Paul said his conservative beliefs are spreading, especially to young voters. He said he has no intention of slowing down.

But his message is spreading to all young voters.

Off the UC Davis campus, at a neighborhood coffee shop there's another political spin.

"I am surprised he came to Davis," said student Brian Pon.

Pon said he's supporting President Barack Obama because of one reason: Pon is a type one diabetic.

"Ron Paul gets into office and repeals the healthcare law that's bad news for me," said Pon.