Robert Machovec: Artist creates 'gear garden' out of discarded metal parts

A unique garden has sprouted up in York, Pennsylvania featuring sculptures that sport a colorful assortment of discarded metal parts.

George Long likes what he sees at York's Foundry Park. The roofing company owner donated the metal parts that now decorate the newest metal sculpture.

"Really, really, really nice," Long says when looking at the "flowers."

There are at least 30 sculptures in the gear garden, all sporting a colorful assortment of discarded metal parts - what some people might call junk.

But artist Robert Machovec calls them found objects. He created many of the flowery sculptures that border West Philadelphia street.

"I see junk in a totally different way than other people do," says Machovec. "All of the gears and the sprockets that you see out here are from York County companies that can trace their roots to York County's manufacturing past."

They are the cogs that helped establish York as a factory town.

Now it is modern art.

"It's universal, not too many people can not like this," Machovec says.

The gear garden is now running out of room, but it has provided joy to a lot of people over the years.

Former York city council President Genevieve Ray recalls one teenager who showed up, saying, "He was sort of hanging on the flower and taking a selfie of himself!"