Roadside clean up crew discovers 750 pounds of marijuana in rural Missouri

750 pounds of marijuana found in Missouri will never hit the streets.

The haul, which could have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, is now just a pile of ash.

The roadways in rural Buchanan county have become a dumping ground. Usually its litter, cans, old tires and other junk along the road. But Monday, the debris was something much different.

Buchanan County Commissioner Ron Hook said, "Bags and bags of marijuana. My reaction was, what did we stumble on to?"

An inmate clean up crew found more than 750 pounds of marijuana, most of it wrapped in individual one pound, air-tight bags, ready to sell.

"Drug strike force couldn't believe it either. But they came down and they looked at all the bags, processed and made sure that it was marijuana. They tested it. They counted it and inventoried it. Today, they're burning it," hook said.

The total value was estimated at $2 million.

"This is the top one so far. In talking to the director of the drug strike force, he's never heard of a thing like this happen in his 25 years of service," Hook said.

The drugs were found in a culvert off of county road HH, west of Dekalb in southern Buchanan county. The Reagan family has been farming on land just up the road for more than 42 years and were shocked by the discovery.

"I couldn't believe it. Nothing like that's ever happened around here. It's really quiet. You hear a car go by every now and then but otherwise, nothing happens," said Betty Reagan.

"People have to realize that drugs in our community in this quantity. I never thought it and I've lived here my whole life," Hook said.

But for these drugs, they're off the market.

"It's just great that we can get these drugs off the street. We'll probably never stumble on anything like this ever again," Hook said.

The county received permission from federal officials to burn the marijuana.

The drug strike force is investigating to determine where the drugs came from.