Rifle auctioned to benefit elementary school

LUCAMA, NC - Some parents are angry over a fundraiser at a public elementary school in North Carolina.  Lucama Elementary School in Wilson County is raffling off a rifle. 

Lucama is a rural town in North Carolina.  Like many schools, Lucama Elementary is suffering from budget cuts.

"We have enough issues with guns in the schools we don't need to do a raffle with elementary school kids," Lena Collier said. 

Hearing about the fundraiser in a couple of weeks, a local hunting conservation group decided to help.  It offered a muzzle-loading gun to raffle off.

"Our guys are simply trying to help the kids in the community with the means they have available," explained Chris Williams with Delta Waterfowl.

The company says its motives are simple, to help children not push an agenda.  But locals are reacting.

"The kids are bringing guns to school-they ain't gotta bring' em for 'em and auction 'em off," said resident Steve Sbraccia.

The school system says as long as no children sell or buy tickets, and the gun is not brought onto school property during the raffle, it is okay with it.

Originally only twenty raffle tickets were going to be printed for the gun, but there was so much interest, hundreds more have been printed and sold.

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