Residents of unincorporated Lyons, Colorado are picking up travel passes so they can return home.

LYONS, Colo.-- Residents of unincorporated Lyons are picking up travel passes so they can return home.

At LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, a place that had served as a shelter, residents of Lyons lined up with proof of identification.  Tuesday, those in unincorporated Lyons were able to receive a travel voucher from the sheriff's office that would allow them access to roads leading home.

With the pass, residents are allowed to make one trip in and one trip out of the area per day during daylight hours.  Residents are also allowed to stay the night in their homes, but they are being warned not to drive after nightfall.

Marie McCreery is a homeowner who lived in her home near the St. Vrain River for more than forty years before renting the space to her friend Cathy Rivers.  The pair said they were eager to return to the home to start cleaning.  Rivers said she had left the home in a rush the previous Wednesday night with a few personal items.  Rivers and McCreery had since returned before travel was restricted.  They said several inches of murky waters had flooded the lowest portions of the home.

Others in line said they had not seen their home for days, but believed things were in relatively good shape, or had minimal flooding compared to other parts of Lyons.

Residents of the town of Lyons are being forced to wait until at least Wednesday to return to their homes.  A Boulder County Sheriff's deputy says authorities in Lyons are working Tuesday to determine when all remaining residents will be allowed to return.  It is likely at least some of the Lyons residents will be allowed to return home starting Wednesday, after receiving the travel passes.

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