Recreational marijuana sales begin in Seattle, Washington

A huge crowd of people lined up for marijuana as one of the first stores opened at "high noon" in Seattle, Washington.

At Cannabis City, history was made with Deborah Greene.

The 65-year-old waited all night in line to be the first to buy marijuana legally.

She walked out with four two-gram bags.

"There's just something about that liberty and that freedom. It's just incredible," she said.

25 stores are now licensed across Washington, but not all are open because the pot supply is so short.

Prices are high.

With tax, two grams at cannabis city cost $40.

When asked how they feel about the price, one customer responded, "Outrageous, but it's okay. It's legal. It will get better."

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, who campaigned for Initiative 502 was among the first to buy.

"Out of the shadows into the light of public commerce," said Holmes.

Legal pot is a game-changer in sometimes unexpected ways.

Robby Bryant, who has smoked weed for three decades, said, "When I was a kid I told myself, when they legalized it, I'd stop smoking, so I'm here to do my last buy and stop smoking pot. They've taken all the fun out of it."