Powerball winning numbers May 18, 2013

22, 10,13,14, 52 and the Powerball number is 11

TAMPA - UPDATE: The single winning ticket in Saturday night's Powerball drawing worth an estimated $590 million was sold at a Zephyrhills Publix. The store is located on Gall Boulevard in Pasco County.

The numbers drawn Saturday are: 22, 10, 13, 14, 52 and a Powerball of 11.

The buzz of the lottery ticket printer can be a hypnotic sound.  It's a magical mystery machine with the power to make even the wildest dreams come true.  The identical noise could be heard in thousands of convenient stores and shops around the nation as powerball buyers sucked up pieces of pink paper that might be worth nearly $600 million.  

There's just one problem:  the odds.  

"It's one in 172-million chances that I might win," said James Ransom of Tampa.  "I'm feeling good right now," he laughed.

Lisa Wallace walked into the Columbus Drive 7-Eleven in Tampa with her fiance, hoping for some money for their upcoming 10th anniversary vacation.

"We're going to the Bahamas, but wouldn't it be nice to probably own some of the Bahamas?" Wallace joked.

"I can't imagine," said Herman King, a Tampa resident.  "Honestly, I would give away most of it."

With so much money at stake, many ticket buyers had generous thoughts.

"I'd open up a big orphanage," said Jonathan Aluisy, who just returned from Australia, only to discover the enormous Powerball jackpot.  "The best things in life are free.  $600 million?  I would use it to help benefit people who could use it," Aluisy said.

Mike Addison said if he won the cash, he would use the money to help rebuild one of the nation's most depressed cities.

"I would go back to Detroit where I'm from, and build up some of the neighborhoods and bring back the schools," Addison said.

Powerball player Michael Gino said in addition to giving his family a share, he would also donate money.

"I would give a lot to animal charities because I'm a true animal lover," Gino said.

Powerball is played in 43 states and two U.S. territories.