Paula Lane TODAY Show video: Woman survives being trapped in snowstorm for 6 days

Paula Lane, 46, and her boyfriend Roderick Clifton, 44, went four-wheeling in the Sierra Nevada mountains on Nov. 29 when their Jeep became trapped in a snowdrift off State Route 88 in Hope Valley, California, near Lake Tahoe.

After the first night together weathering a blizzard in the Jeep, Clifton decided to head out into the storm to find help, and never returned.  His body was found days later.

Lane remained with the Jeep where she survived for six days by eating snow and some green tomatoes they brought with them on the trip.

During the ordeal Lane recorded a tearful video for her sons saying, "I'm so sorry this has happened.  I just want to come home. As soon as the sun comes out, I'm going to have to try to make it. It's seven miles in six feet of snow. Nobody's ever going to find me here at Burnside Lake."

She was rescued by her brother, Gary Lane, and his friend Brian Roff, while shivering in the hollow of a tree off the highway.

Alongside her brother and his friend, Lane spoke with Matt Lauer on TODAY Wednesday about the terrifying experience and what she thought might be her final goodbye to her sons.

"It's really hard,'' Lane said about watching the video. "That's only the fourth time that I've seen it. When I first made the tape, I wanted it to be more of a happy goodbye. I knew it was going to be a goodbye, I felt. Once I started talking, I almost felt like somebody else was there with me, and I'm getting to release to somebody. It was the first time I cried since the ordeal had begun, and to watch it now, it's surreal.''

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