Panda cam: Smithsonian National Zoo video shows endangered giant panda cub

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Smithsonian National Zoo has welcomed a giant panda bear cub.

The staff at the zoo believes that the cub was born around 10:46 on Sunday, September 16.

The staff wants the cub's mother, Mei Xiang to raise the cub naturally. To achieve that goal, they're monitoring the mother and cub by web cam only.

The new Giant Panda joins less than 2,000 Giant Pandas living worldwide, with only about 1,600 in the Mountain forests in Central China.

The Giant Panda is an endangered species.

To get a glimpse into the life of the new giant panda cub, click here to watch via Panda on the Smithsonian National Zoo's website. (Be sure to scroll down until you see the Panda Cam form. Fill it out with your name and email address to see the camera).

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