Northeast braces for hurricane-force winds

Hurricane season doesn’t start until the beginning of June, but the Atlantic Ocean will resemble something like it the next couple days.

A low-pressure system off the Carolina coast is going to travel up the East Coast tonight and Wednesday. As it does, it’s going to experience some rapid growth.

During this process, pressure will drop quickly and significantly. This creates a tight pressure gradient and very strong winds as air travels faster and faster around the core of the low.

The National Weather Service has already issued hurricane-force wind warnings for areas in the Atlantic Ocean spanning from Virginia all the way up to Maine. Those winds will also reach parts of coastal Maine, so blizzard warnings have also been issued for a few counties there.

The strongest winds will occur Wednesday and Wednesday night with wind speeds reaching up to 80 miles per hour. Minimal hurricanes have wind speeds of at least 74 mph. Because of the strong winds, forecasters are expecting choppy seas with open ocean waves up to 40 feet in height.

By Thursday and Friday, the center of the low should be well northeast of Maine, and winds along the East Coast will slow down and seas will become calmer.

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