Northeast blizzard, winter storm: Snow totals could reach up to 30 inches in East Coast cities

Two ferocious storm systems are expected to converge overnight, resulting in what could be a historic blizzard for parts of the Northeast.

A winter blast churning westward across the country and a cold front barreling northward along the East Coast will amass, potentially dumping feet of snow.

Boston could have its largest snowstorm in recorded history -- up to 30 inches, CNN meterologists say. Hartford could see record-breaking snowfall as well.

Wind will also be a major concern, says HLN Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen. Gusts could reach 75 mph along Cape Cod and 55 mph in the Long Island Sound, causing coastal flooding. "The wind will basically push the water westward, making the tides rise from about three to five feet."

"This will bring more miserable weather for those affected by Superstorm Sandy," says CNN Meterologist Dave Hennen.

The storm could cause further beach erosion, according to CNN Meterologist Sarah Dillingham.

Boston could see snowfall of 2 to 3 inches per hour, and 24 inches within 24 hours, Hennen says. "We expect snow and than rain, and severe coastal flooding."

Parts of the region are under a Blizzard Watch.

This storm could rival the crippling "Great Blizzard" of 1978.