Need a bigger boat? Two great white sharks buzzing Treasure Coast, Katherine and Lori Anne


Shark lovers will love this news.

Two of the world's most fearsome marine predators - great white sharks - have made visits to the Treasure Coast this week.


One was captured on YouTube raw video by Jimmy Roseman, a West Melbourne spearfisherman who was diving May 6 at Bethel Shoals about 9 miles due east of Vero Beach.

In Roseman's video, a great white - estimated at 10-12 feet long - can be observed swimming over top of Roseman's head when he first sees it. The shark returns for closer examination 4 or 5 times as Roseman seeks partial, but not adequate, cover in a shallow ledge of worm rock. Roseman uses his speargun to ward off the shark several times. The shark also appears to have a cobia following it around.

Monday morning, a great white shark tagged by the OCEARCH great white shark research team in Aug. 2013 off Cape Cod, Mass. pinged about 6 miles east of Sebastian Inlet, only a few miles north of last week's encounter. OCEARCH fits a satellite tag on its tagged sharks' dorsal fins so that data can be collected when the sharks pass near the surface of the sea.

The shark was named KATHERINE after Katherine Bates, a well known Cape Cod resident who penned "America the Beautiful," according to OCEARCH expedition leader Chris Fischer.

Another sighting was reported Saturday by Zach Garrison of Fort Pierce. He saw one in about 25 feet of water off Vero Beach near The Cove simply cruising near the surface of the water. He estimated the shark was 10 or 12 feet in length.

"We were anchored up fishing in about 30 feet of water off of Vero," wrote Garrison in a Facebook message. "We had a chum bag going so I assume that is what attracted him. He came around the first time and hung around for about 10 minutes or so. About an hour later we put out a fresh chum block an he resurfaced for another 10 minutes or so. The remoras that showed up with him stayed at the boat so imagine he didn't go too far. I second guessed whether it was a great white, but Googled pics when I got home and it sure was!"

Why are these sharks, traditionally cold water dwellers, suddenly off our coast? It's anyone's guess. Two years ago, spearfishermen off Fort Pierce encountered a great white and captured good cell phone video of the experience. Three years ago, a spearfisherman in 120 feet of water off Sebastian captured GoPro video of one while he speared amberjacks. None of these sharks were implicated in human injuries.

To learn more about Katherine's travels see the OCEARCH website here: OCEARCH

Click on the video below to see Katherine's tagging:

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