NASA Curiosity rover landing Mohawk Guy Beak Ferdowski unlikely social media star

The amazing landing of the U-S Mars Rover "Curiosity" isn't the only thing that has people talking.

One of the men who helped land it is also earning some attention.

That's because NASA Engineer Beak Ferdowski was spotted sporting a red and black Mohawk with yellow stars dyed in the sides of his hair when the landing was airing.

He was dubbed "NASA Mohawk Guy" by Twitter users who followed his updates at @TweetsOutLoud.

Internet memes showed a side view of Ferdowsi's Mohawk with captions including, "Becomes an Internet sensation. Too busy landing a robot on Mars to notice," Tumblrs about Bobak and blog posts exploded across the Web. He received several marriage proposals via Twitter but probably hasn't seen them.

NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory social media manager Veronica McGregor says Ferdowsi has been on Twitter "a while" but his account went from several hundred followers on Saturday to more than 30,000 Tuesday. As Curiosity landed Ferdowski tweeted, "So incredible to be a part of this team and all that we've accomplished. Impossible not to be an emotional wreck."

He says hopes his unique look will inspire people.
"The thought that, in some way, if kids and other people are motivated to come work here because they see me and say 'Oh, that guy can put stuff on Mars, maybe I can too.' I'd like to say that it takes all types to basically make these missions work."

As for the "Curiosity," it beamed back a panorama of Mars Thursday giving a 360-degree view of the planet's surface.

Dorrine Mendoza, CNN contributed to this report

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