Naomie Breton: Woma set on fire out of hospital, remembers every detail of attack

Naomie Breton says if a judge had granted her a restraining order in late May to keep her 59-year-old boyfriend away from her, she wouldn't be where she is now: with 12 percent of her body burned days after being lit on fire at a 7-Eleven.

"I don't think I would be in this situation right now," Breton toldTthe Palm Beach Post this morning in a phone interview from her Lantana home. "They said there wasn't enough physical evidence."

Breton, 34, was released from Delray Medical Center Tuesday and hopes to be back at work at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation in West Palm Beach by the end of the week, she said.

Today, she plans on getting her car back from the impound lot. She also hopes to find her purse which she says went missing at some point Monday morning when she was attacked.

Breton says she remembers all of it. She remembers realizing that her boyfriend Roosevelt Mondesir did not bring their son to the 7-Eleven on Lawrence Road as he was expected to early Monday morning. She planned on leaving and avoiding any fight. She remembers pumping gas into her car before Mondesir poured a gallon of gas on her body. She remembers trying to hide in the 7-Eleven, desperately trying to close the door before he could grab her.

However Breton's purse was caught in the door of the 7-Eleven, preventing the door from fully closing. Mondesir was able to pull the door open and then lit Breton's soaked body on fire with a lighter.

"I was trying to keep myself alive for my children," Breton said who is a mother of three. "I remember everything."

Breton and Mondesir were together for about eight years, she said. This past Valentine's Day Mondesir came home from work and proposed to her. She said she didn't give him a definite answer because she wasn't completely sure about him.

Soon after he became verbally and physically violent toward her, she called off any marriage plans and moved out.

Mondesir remains in the Palm Beach County Jail without bond.

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