Mitchell Kusick assassination plan allegation: Colorado man accused of plotting to kill president

(KUSA) A Colorado man is in federal custody after plotting to kill President Barack Obama and kill children on Halloween night, KUSA reported.

Sources say Mitchell Kusick's plan involved stealing a family member's shotgun and using it to shoot children on Halloween and assassinate the president.

Officials do not know when he wanted to kill the president.

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The restraining order filed in Jefferson county court says Kusick "stole a shotgun from his aunt's house, hid the weapon, attempted to purchase ammunition for the gun" and then told his therapist about his plan.

Court paperwork goes on to say Kusick confessed to law enforcement about "his intent to shoot children at Standley Lake High School during a trick-or-treat event." It also says Kusick talked to law enforcement while he was admitted to Lutheran Hospital and figured he would "engage police in a gun battle" after the shooting at the school.

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