Missing Baby Lisa six-month anniversary: Jeremy and Ashley Irwin speak about Lisa's disappearance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missing 1-year-old Lisa Irwin disappeared from her Northland home six months ago. .

About twenty people gathered on North Lister Drive Wednesday night to pray for missing baby Lisa Irwin. 

Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, told the media that the family is remembering Lisa in private.

"We're trying tnot to structure our life around it has been 3 months its been 6 months but it's --the hardest is holidays birthdays and family type stuff that she can't be at," Irwin said.

Jeremy Irwin said the family believes Lisa is still alive.

Rhonda Beckford, the mother of Kara Kopetsky who disappeared in May 2007, also made an appearance. She shares Lisa's parents' grief.

"You're grieving. But you're holding onto hope and of course we're coming up on Easter and it would be Baby Lisa's first Easter and you know that's going to be a hard milestone," Beckford said.

Jeremy Irwin stressed the importance of having a support system as the search continues for his daughter.

"We try to get together once a week and just kind of you know try to stay together, stay strong and hopefully we'll find her soon;  it has been going on long enough."

Earlier in the evening, Lisa's aunt, Ashley Irwin, released the following statement to CNN:  

"At the 6 month mark, it really hits home just how long she's been gone. I
find myself reflecting on the missed milestones and life events; her first
birthday, the first Christmas she would have been able to actively
participate in, family dinners on birthdays,Thanksgiving, Christmas, and
Easter this upcoming weekend. She missed Mike's 6th birthday which would
have been fun for her just like Blake's 8th birthday was. She's missing out
on enjoying the unseasonably warm Kansas City weather with her brothers.

"I envision a very different child than the one she was on Oct 3rd. I'm sure
she's running around and talking really well, has long hair, and maybe it's
even a little bit darker now (Jeremy's hair was blonde as a baby and got
darker as he got older). I think she's probably very active. She would be if
she was at home with her brothers because she would be trying to keep up
with them. I imagine she's eating all sorts of different foods, exploring
and learning.

"I think about how adorable she would be in a little Easter dress and think
about Mother's Day around the corner and it breaks my heart. The whole
situation is extremely confusing, saddening and frustrating at the same time
- it's definitely overwhelming. The lack of information is difficult to
accept in a modern society such as ours, but we keep hoping and praying for
a miracle."