Missing baby Lisa Irwin search now involves psychic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A psychic says she knows where baby Lisa Irwin is and volunteers helped search that area in an effort to figure out where the missing one-year-old may be.

More than a dozen people looked through the woods near the former Sam's Town Casino along I-435 and Chouteau Tfwy.

During the search they found a four to five foot well full of water.

The group contacted police who say they will look into the report, but have not said when.

"I don't want to find anything.  I want to find Lisa alive. I still believe she is alive.  There could be other stuff we're missing like the missing cell phones, clothes," said Edith Fin-Duskin.

A vigil is set to be held Tuesday night at the Irwin household at 36th and N. Lister.

Information from: nbcactionnews.com

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