Mirlande Wilson: Maryland Mega Millions lottery 'winner' unsure if she has ticket

BALTIMORE - The attorney, for the woman who claimed to be a Mega Millions winner, says she is unsure whether she has the winning ticket.

Earlier this week, Mirlande Wilson, an immigrant from Haiti and a mother of seven children told The New York Post that she was the winner of world-record breaking jackpot. 

Wilson told The New York Post, she and her co-workers went in on a group of tickets. But she says the winning ticket was purchased specifically for her, separately, by another co-worker.

The news conference was delayed more than an hour because Wilson was seeking medical treatment.  Her attorney says stress from the attention caused her blood pressure to skyrocket.

Her attorney says he has not seen the winning ticket.  He held the news conference to get reporters to stop knocking on her door.

Wilson's attorney says she didn't contact the media originally. 

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