Mirlande Wilson, alleged winner of Maryland Mega Millions ticket, surrounded by controversy

MARYLAND -- Lottery officials say winning tickets from Friday's record-breaking Mega Millions lottery were sold in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas.

Now, a mystery is brewing about one ticket holder who is telling friends she's got the "golden ticket."

The world's biggest jackpot caused some big drama in south Baltimore after Mirlande Wilson, a Haitian immigrant and single mother of seven told the New York Post she held the winning Mega Millions ticket bought at a 7-Eleven in Milford Mill.

But is it true?

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Lottery officials will not confirm it.

Those going into her house on Annapolis Road in Westport weren't saying much as media from around the country staked it out as she was reportedly holed up in disguise at a neighbor's place.

The Post is calling it all a "Mega Mess," saying Wilson went in on a pool with her coworkers at a McDonalds and now says she won't split the money.

Wilson told the paper the winning ticket was one she bought separately for herself.

She's a regular at a diner around the corner from her home where she's already spread the word.

The mystery could stay one forever. Maryland lottery winners are not required to disclose their identities.