Miki Andrus: Missouri teen doesn't miss school for 13 years

Senior student also pays sports and is in the band

WILLARD, Mo. - A high schooler in  Missouri  has gone 13 years without being absent or tardy to class.

Miki Andrus doesn't just go to class. She's a triple threat: on the honor roll, in band and a softball player. She manages time for it all by evening out her hours spent studying and practicing.

"I have a 4.3 GPA, I have a 33 on my ACT, I am planning on going to Drury University to play softball and study pre-med," says Andrus.

Her advice to others is to stay healthy.

"I think school is really important, so I just make an effort to be there every day and I try to stay healthy and try not to get sick," says Andrus.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel