Michael Collins: Filmmaker starts Kickstarter campaign to make movie of veterans' journey

MILWAUKEE - (WTMJ) - It's been three months since military veterans Anthony Anderson and his buddy, Tom, walked from Milwaukee to California.

For six months, the men's adventure helped to heal their invisible wounds and brought awareness to the struggles other veterans face once returning home from war.

"I think the walk was was a definitive point, just like serving in war," said Anderson.

The trek took them through 10 pairs of shoes and across seven states. On the way, they met some amazing people.

Michael Collins followed along on their journey, shooting thousands of hours of video.

"We want to create a story so people can experience, so they can understand, what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes that they would not otherwise have," said Collins.

The filmmaker started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $70,000. He needs the money in the next two weeks to pay for editing and shopping the film. At last check, the site had raised a third of that goal.

"This is a testament to the goodness of people, and people need to see it," said Anderson.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel