Map: See which states drink the most

Study: Most alcohol bought in New Hampshire

Perhaps the Granite State should be renamed the Malts & Hops State.

Despite being one of America's smallest states, in terms of population and area, New Hampshire is apparently hitting the bottle harder than any other state.

According to a study from the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, New Hampshire is tops with an estimated consumption of 4.65 gallons of alcohol per capita. That's a lot of liquor!

Delaware, North Dakota, Nevada and Wisconsin round out the top five.

As for the most teetotaling states, Utah and its large population of alcohol-abstaining Mormons ranks as the most sober, followed by Arkansas, Kentucky (home of the Bourbon Trail, surprisingly enough) and West Virginia.

Check out this map for more stats on which states are the most, um, spirited:

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