Man falls from Venom Drop, Black Snake Summit water slide at Six Flags Hurricane

VALENCIA, CA. - A man was hospitalized on Sunday after falling from a water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

At around 4:15 p.m., the 19-year-old male muscled his way up Venom Drop, part of the 75-foot-high group of slides called Black Snake Summit, according to park spokeswoman Sue Carpenter.

The man then passed other people in line, and went down the slide head first on his stomach, even though protocol is to go down feet first on the back.

He was not cleared to go down the slide by lifeguards.

The male fell off the slide about halfway down and landed on the pavement.

"He just hit the concrete... There was a loud bang," said witness Tristan Esparza. "Everybody heard it."

The victim was unconscious but breathing when he was transported to the hospital. His name and current condition haven't been released.

"He forced his way past park lifeguards and put himself and other guests at risk by going down the slide in the wrong position," Six Flags said in a statement.

"Park medical staff and local paramedics were immediately called to the scene."