Man confronts police after dog is shot during search for lost child (Video)

A Utah man recently recorded a confrontation with officers regarding a report that one of the officers shot his dog in his backyard.

Originally posted on Facebook , the owner said "This is the video of my experience with SLCPD the day I was told my best friend was shot." The footage is now making rounds on the internet.

The video shows the dog owner looking for answers as to why his dog fell victim to the officer, when he believes other steps could have been taken.

"Now I want to know who shot my dog and what the probable cause was to trespass on private property and kill my animal," the man asked the officers who were still in front of his home.

"Which officer shot my dog? Please," he continues in the video.

According to one of the officers, the dog had threatened them as they searched the backyard for a missing child. An officer was then forced to shoot the dog.

He says that other animals in the area had a history of biting, but nothing was done about them despite the officers killing his dog.

The nearly nine-minute video becomes more heated and emotional as the owner completes his conversation with the police officers. He later finds his dog in the backyard with a gunshot wound to the head.

"Why didn't the officer just back up and leave?"

The officers complied with the dog owner by releasing their names and case information regarding the incident, but the man continued to search for answers.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune , the man has asked that the officer who shot the dog be fired.

The man told reporters that he attended a meeting with officers, but they remained "reluctant" to take action.

The Salt Lake Tribune said the child who was reported missing that prompted the search was eventually found in his basement asleep

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