Los Horoscopos de Durango: Marisol, Virginia Terrazas, band members arrested for inciting riot

You can watch the incident below. Warning: Graphic language.  http:// bit.ly/ PQdpYz

OKEECHOBEE COUNTY, Fla.-- Members of the popular Mexican band Los Horoscopos de Durango, or "The Horoscopes of Durango," were arrested on Sunday for inciting a riot and other charges after a fight broke out during a performance at the Okeechobee Agri-Civic Center with 1,600 people in attendance.

According to the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office, after the fight broke out near the stage between a patron and a security worker, deputies moved in to assist. One of the female singers, Marisol Terrazas, stopped singing and started to curse at the officers over the public address system.
Terrazas was told to stop or she would be arrested, then defied the officers' orders. She was ordered again to stop cursing and come to the officers' location. Terrazas, using the microphone, stated, "No, you come over here and get me."
Marisol Terrazas was advised she was under arrest and then threw the microphone down on the stage. As an officer tried to place her under arrest, the other singer, Virginia "Vicky" Terrazas, stepped in between Marisol and the officer. As the officer tried to place Virginia under arrest, she kicked the officer in the groin.
At that point, another band member, Antonio Medina, Virginia's boyfriend, grabbed the officer's arm and pulled Virgina from the officer and the officer was struck in the head with a full can of beer.
Virginia and Marisol Terrazas fled the stage and were later caught in a vehicle while trying to leave the area.
The crowd exited the arena and began to follow officers escorting the sisters to a patrol car. The crowd was throwing cans of beer, water bottles and drinks. According the sheriff's office report, the sisters did nothing to help quiet or calm the crowd.
A security officer identified Luis Maldonado as the person who hit the officer in the head with the beer can.
All four were arrested and charged with the following: Marisol Terrazas, 36 - inciting a riot and resisting arrest without violence; Virginia Terrazas, 32 - battery on law enforcement, resisting arrest with violence, inciting a riot; Antionio Medina, 20 - battery on law enforcement; Luis Maldonado, 25 - aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.
Okeechobee Sheriff Paul May released the following statement: 
"I regret this happened in our County but please do not take this as an apology for my Deputies' actions. They did what they had to do to control the situation; there were approximately 1600 people in attendance and large amounts of alcohol consumed. There were 8 Deputies on duty along with some private security to control this crowd. There were 5 arrests after the fighting started. There were no injuries to the patrons that we know of. One Deputy was struck in the groin and the head with a beer can and several more were hit with cans. All of our Deputies are okay. I think faced with the situation and the potential for violence, our Deputies did an outstanding job."
You can watch the incident below. Warning: Graphic language.  http://bit.ly/PQdpYz

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