Lisa Altif: Pennsylvania mother visited bar, left baby in car for about 5 hours

BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP, Penn. - A Pennsylvania mother is behind bars after police say she locked her baby in a minivan for several hours while she drank at a bar, WCAU reports.

Police received a call about a baby in a vehicle, and responded to a bar in Bethlehem Township around 11:30 p.m. 

Inside the bar, officers met 32-year-old Lisa Altif. 

She said she owned the van, but told officers she had only been in the bar for about twenty minutes. 

When they checked the woman's bar tab, however, they discovered she had purchased her first drink about 6:30 that night, five hours earlier.

In the van, police found a two-month-old baby buckled into a baby seat that was strapped to the floor because there was no backseat.

The baby had a low body temperature and was treated in the hospital.

Altif has been charged with child endangerment, driving with a suspended license and other counts. 

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