Lions club nude calendar in Maine raises funds for charity

Members say sales have gone well

Fort Kent, ME - The Fort Kent Lions Club is the largest Lions Club in Maine.

They give thousands of dollars to charities annually. This year, their major fundraiser is a souvenir calendar in which club members posed almost nude.

At Rock's Family Diner in Fort Kent, one doesn't always expect to find pin-up fashion models.

But Fort Kent is a town with few secrets especially since the Fort Kent Lions Club souvenir 2014-2015 calendar hit the stands.

Dave Labbe sells them in his store,"I had this lady open it up, she knows pretty much all the guys. She opened up the calendar for fifteen or twenty minutes, she couldn't even talk."

The beauty of the human form has been doing that to art patrons for centuries.

The Fort Kent Lions Club in Maine has taken another step.

There is a fire captain ready to respond, a fisherman holding his muskie and car dealer Steve Pelletier with a vanity plate on the front.

Only in Fort Kent does the police chief drive the snowmobile groomer.

“Doody” Michaud will retire in April, but he checked to make sure he wasn't supposed to be undercover.

"Before I did it I called the Attorney General’s office to find out what i was doing was ok," Michaud said.

One of the models, Bob Lozier said, "It's for the cause, actually that's why we're here. We're doing it for the cause. It's for life flight of Maine University of Maine Fort Kent Foundation Paradis Cancer Fund. That's why we're doing it."

Paul Berube put the project together in part because life flight saved his life.

"I was up on Bald Mountain in Jackman, Maine, flipped an atv over me and they air lifted me out of there to Maine Medical Center. I know the importance of life flight and if anybody's ever used that service, this is what this calendar is all about," Berube said.

Librarian Sophie Birden put a copy into perpetuity at the specials collection in U.M. Fort Kent's library.

She says there's great debate about whether the guys bared too much.

"All the men say you can't see anything. The women are like, I don't know," said Birden.

Fort Kent likes to call itself the "little town that could" well, their lions club did!

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