Kroger food stamp flap: Macon, Georgia shopper says she was insulted over food stamp use

A Georgia woman is asking for a specific apology after she says a grocery store manager insulted her.
Cindy Nerger says it happened at a Macon Kroger store... after a dispute over whether her groceries were covered by food stamps.  

When the manager acknowledged she was right, she told him that the argument was unnecessary.

That's when she says he insulted her by saying that he worked for a living and did not rely on food stamps like she does.

Nerger says she was offended, and though Kroger has apologized and promised to retrain its workers-- she says it is not enough.  
"I don't see why the manager shouldn't have been made to apologize to me personally. He humiliated me personally. So, you know, that's what I wanted. No cash, no nothing. You know, all I wanted was a personal apology. A sincere apology," Nerger said.
Nerger says she turned down a 500-dollar gift card.

A Kroger spokesman told local media that the employee has been transferred to another store.

He added that "corrective action" was taken--- and said the rest is a private matter.