Knuckles custody battle: Craig Dershowitz goes on Today Show in battle with ex over puggle

A Brooklyn man's costly battle with his ex-girlfriend over a puggle named Knuckles has gone viral and was featured on the Today Show Tuesday morning.

Manhattan art gallery employee Craig Dershowitz, 34, says he has spent roughly $60,000 of his own savings in a battle to get Knuckles back.

On his personal indiegogo page -- which is similar to Kickstarter -- he is offering everything from a $250 game of fetch with Knuckles to limited edition art pieces to raise money for his legal fund.

Dershowitz appeared on the Today Show in an exclusive interview to talk about his battle and why Knuckles is so important to him.

Dershowitz's girlfriend was also interviewed by the Today Show and is fighting back. She says the dog was a gift.

Dershowitz wrote on his person website:

"Knuckles was kidnapped by my ex-girlfriend and the legal fees to retrieve him are going to bankrupt me.

I know it might sound funny and I understand that. If it wasn't so painful, I would be laughing too (I mean, c'mon – dognapp – really?) but this is very serious to me and I miss him a lot. Enough that I have gone into debt to retrieve him and enough that I am on here asking for your help. I need the money to keep fighting the court battle. She comes from a wealthy family that is backing her. I don't. She keeps filing crazy, frivolous motions just knowing that I can't afford to respond even after the judge has ruled in my favor. The courts gave me custody already but, sadly, the system is too complex and expensive to make anything that simple and easy.

I need help bringing my boy home...where he belongs...for good."

You can watch his video plea here:

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