Kimberly Villanueva has static hair; still recovering 1 year after lightning struck her pregnant mom


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(KOAT, NDN) Kendra Villanueva was days away from giving birth last July 4 when she was struck by lightning. One year later her daughter is still showing the effects.

Kimberly was delivered by emergency C-section when Kendra was rushed to the hospital after the strike.

The one-year-old toddler still cannot crawl or sit up without help due to the neurological damage caused by the lightning. Perhaps the most unusual development is that Kimberly’s hair stands straight up as if it is affected by static electricity.

Doctors do not know whether the hair is directly related to the lightning or when Kimberly will be able to walk or talk.

Kendra is just happy Kimberly is alive.

Reported by KOAT via News Distribution Network