Kelsey Zachow: Mega Millions jackpot winner claims $66 million prize

(WXYZ) - A 24-year-old woman from Port Huron is now a multi-millionaire!

Kelsey Zachow came forward to announce that she hit the $66 million Mega Million jackpot.

She described how she felt when she found out she was a big winner.

“When the clerk at the store told me I had a big winner I was positive that he was mistaken,” said Zachow. “There was a long line in the store behind me, so I decided to leave and looked the numbers up on when I got into my car. That’s when I realized I had won the jackpot and could barely breathe.”

She said she immediately ran into her home and screamed for her boyfriend.

“I was screaming ‘I won! I won!’ at the top of my lungs and he came running into the room,” said Zachow. “I was yelling so much that he thought I had been in a car accident or hit someone on my way home. I told him I had a $66 million ticket in my hand and he didn’t believe me. He finally looked at the ticket and couldn’t believe his eyes.”

Zachow is originally from Mount Clemens.

She was working as a medical assistant at Henry Ford and worked as a bartender for a side job.

Kelsey will take the lump sum of $26 million after taxes.

She will use some of the money to set up college funds for her and her boyfriend's two kids and her baby brother.

She purchased the winning ticket at Sonny's Mart in Mt. Clemens in Macomb County.

Sonny's Mart owner gets a $50,000 bonus commission for selling the winning ticket.

Zachow waited 10 days with the ticket in her purse before realizing she was the jackpot winner.

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