Karoline Stafford: Alabama toddler mauled by as many as three pit bulls

An Alabama toddler is in intensive care after she was attacked by a pit bull.

The attack has neighbors of the girl calling for stricter rules for pet owners in the town of Bay Minette.

The attack on 18-month-old Karoline Stafford was brutal.

"The injuries were fairly horrific and were frightening to the officers. It was a concern to everybody there," said Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Capt. Steve Arthur.

Karoline was playing in the back yard at a family member's house when three pit bulls surrounded the toddler, preparing to attack.

"A single pit bull was really close to the child, and two other pit bulls circled the child," Arthur said.

At least one of the dogs mauled Karoline, biting the girl multiple times in the face. Karoline was rushed to the hospital.

We tried to get more information from a family member, but he refused to talk about the attack.

Neighbor Charles Stewart didn't mind giving us his opinion about the pit bulls he says are a threat to his family.

"I heard this morning they found a tooth of the dog in the baby.  In my opinion, they need to eliminate pit bulls in the state of Alabama, period," said Stewart. "He done bowed up at me around in the backyard around there one time and I told them they'd better tie him and if they didn't I'd shoot him... I want to see him put down. I don't even like the chihuahuas they got over there, those ankle-bitters."

Karoline's condition has improved from critical to stable.

No charges have been filed in the case.