Kara Nichols: Missing Colorado teen's picture turns up on escort site

The Examiner calls itself non-mainstream media. One article says Kara Nichols could be in Las Vegas.

Deputies in El Paso County say they've gotten multiple tips leading them to the city.

"As a result of some of the leads that have come in we have reached out to some authorities in the Nevada area for some assistance in trying to confirm or deny some information that came in out of the Las Vegas area," said Lt. Jeff Kramer with the El Paso County, Colorado Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Kramer says many of the tips have proved to be false. So far they have no proof Kara is in Las Vegas.

The sheriff's office says they have seen Kara's image on some escort websites. They have determined a person was using the images pretending to be Kara in at least one of those sites.

Nichols was last seen on October 9th.

She reportedly told her roommate she was going to Denver for a modeling job but left her purse, money, and some identification in her apartment.

Investigators believe she may have fallen victim to a crime ring that exploits would-be models.

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