Justin Triplet: Man gets trampled while running with bulls and it's caught on video

A man running with the bulls in Alameda County, California, tried to record video - until they ran him over.

The pictures and the video have gone viral, and the survivor has lots of bruises and scrapes, and a hospital bracelet.

It was a terrifying moment.

After being trampled, Justin Triplet lay in the dirt.

Knocked unconscious, his body motionless as bulls ran over and around him.

Triplet is now dulling the hurt with a dose of humility.

"It could have been so much worse," Triplet says.

His great bull run left him looking not so great.

Triplet recalls the last moments before the impact, "I took my phone out to start recording, recording it backwards while I was running away, and the next thing I remember is that the crowd that was behind me dispersed, and I looked back and realized that the bull was probably ten, five yards away from me."

The bull hit Justin, and Justin hit the ground head-first.

Triplet recalls, "I pretty much stopped the rest of my body with my face, so..."

When he woke up in the hospital, his friends took his picture, pride showing through the pain.

"It was all my fault for not getting out of the way," he says.

The bull got the better of him.

Now, Justin Triplet has the story of a lifetime with video proof.

"Every time I look at it, I just fine more things that could have possibly gone horribly wrong, and I'm just glad that I'm still here with you guys," Triplet says.