Ohio judge orders deadbeat dad to pay up or zip it up

Pay three moms $100,000 or don't father more kids

CINCINNATI  -- Asim Taylor of Elyria, Ohio, has four kids by three women and owes them nearly $100,000 in child support. When Taylor got hauled into court, the judge gave him a simple order:

Don't father any more kids until you pay child support. Or until your five-year probation is up.

But can the judge enforce it?

That probably will be for higher courts to decide.

For now, advocacy groups and lawyers are watching how this plays out.

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Judge James Walther of Lorain County Probate Court told Taylor:

"The defendant is ordered to make all reasonable efforts to avoid impregnating a woman during the period control or until such time the defendant can prove to this court that he's able to provide support for the children that he already has."

The judge explained:

"This is a matter of common sense and personal responsibility."'

The judge has support from Ohio Family Rights , one of the group's leaders says.

"Our organization and even me personally, we agree with the decision of the judge," said Andy Davidson. "If a parent is not paying child support, where does that fall? That falls back on the taxpayers."

As for the legality of the issue, Cincinnati lawyer Mark Krumbein doesn't think the ruling has merit.

"It's pretty extreme. It's very unusual and there are a lot of issues that are brought up by it," Krumbein said.

Particularly the man's freedom to pursue happiness.

Taylor's lawyer, Doug Merrill, said he plans to go to the Ohio Supreme Court. In 2004, that court ruled that a person could not be ordered to not procreate.

"The reason the supreme court (ruled) you couldn't do it 10 years ago is because there wasn't a contingency to end it," Krumbein said.

Judge Walther gave Taylor a choice – pay the money or wait for community control to expire.

Taylor's case could eventually land in federal court in Cincinnati.

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