Jodon Romero Fox News suicide: Family speaks about man who led police on high-speed chase

PHOENIX -- A man who led police on a high-speed chase in the West Valley and then fatally shot himself on live television on Friday has been identified.

Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said Jodon Romero, 33, first carjacked a 2008 Dodge Caliber at gunpoint from two people at a restaurant near 7th Avenue and McDowell Road around 11 a.m.

The vehicle was then spotted near 75th Avenue and Virginia and drove through red lights at high speed as officers pursued, refusing to stop. Officers fell back due to safety concerns, and undercover vehicles and a police helicopter were deployed to track the suspect.

Romero then fired at officers in parked patrol vehicles near 44th Avenue and Roosevelt Street, striking one of the cars, according to police.

Family tells us Romero recent got out of jail and was probably going to go back. 

"He's a good person.  His intent was not to hurt anyone.  He was just going through a lot and all he wanted to do was hurt himself," said Nature Romero.

He then fled onto westbound Interstate 10, driving at excessive speeds and swerving around vehicles before exiting onto a dirt road at 491st Avenue and Courthouse Road near Tonopah.

Romero exited the vehicle and then stumbled a short distance before pulling out a gun and fatally shooting himself in the head at approximately 12:30, according to Thompson.

Helicopter video carried the event live around the country on Fox News, and anchor Shepard Smith quickly issued an on-air apology .

Thompson said the investigation is ongoing, and that Romero had a felony warrant for his arrest for Parole Violation on a weapons charge and may have had another warrant for his arrest as well. He also had a criminal record involving numerous violent crimes.

His sister tells us Romero has made mistakes in the past, but that's not the man that they know.  He's a father for four children and was the only family she had left.

"He will be greatly missed.  We are hurting right now.  We have so many unanswered questions.  He just couldn't bare the thought of being away from his kids any more.  We will always love him," said Nature Romero.

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