Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Testimony continues with more witnesses from the defense

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PHOENIX - Jodi Arias' defense team called its second round of witnesses Wednesday, hoping to show the jury that Travis Alexander isn't the victim as the prosecution claims.

They are trying to paint a picture of a man with two lives, on one side a virginal Mormon, but on the flip side, a player obsessed with dating two women at the same time.

Arias is accused of stabbing Travis Alexander 27 times, cutting his throat and shooting him in the head after an afternoon of sex.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Wilmott called to the stand Alexander's former girlfriend Lisa Daidone.

Daidone testified and she and Alexander broke up several times over Arias.

"I came to the understanding that he was cheating on me," said Daidone.

Wilmott spent most of the morning going over a "breakup" email Daidone sent to Alexander in September of 2007. 

Daidone wrote that she felt cheated on, that Alexander didn't pay enough attention to her, he wanted her only for her body and at times she felt dirty.

Daidone went on to write about a passionate kissing session where she felt the two needed to pull back in order to keep to the Mormon Church's law of chastity.

Wilmott asked if Daidone ever addressed a time when Alexander became "physically excited' while kissing Daidone.

Daidone said she told Alexander he needed to control himself.

After answering several of Wilmott's questions about her email to Alexander, Daidone stopped and told jurors, "I feel like this is all coming out of context. I'm trying to answer your questions the best I can."

She went on to explain she was young and inexperienced when she wrote the email.

Daidone was 19 years old and Travis Alexander was 30 when they dated.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez worked to redeem Alexander's reputation in court by pointing out Alexander respected Daidone's vow of chastity.

"Isn't it true ma'am that Mr. Alexander wouldn't kiss you from the start?" questioned Martinez

"Yes," replied Daidone.

"And that the person who was initiated the sexual contact was you…right?"  asked Martinez.

Daidone once again replied, "Yes" and admitted she told Alexander to kiss her. 

Daidone earlier testified that she and Alexander kissed, but never had sex.

As Martinez was questioning Daidone, he brought up on the screen a gruesome photo of Alexander with his throat slashed.

The photo shocked the courtroom and brought Alexander's family to tears. Two family members had to leave the room.

Testimony continues Thursday with more witnesses from the defense.

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