Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Attorney believes verdict will be manslaughter, not murder

PHOENIX - WPTV is LIVE VIDEO STREAMING the Jodi Arias murder trial. CLICK HERE to watch live video throughout the trial. Make sure to bookmark the link.  

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After 13.5 hours of deliberations, the "automatic" first-degree murder verdict of Jodi Arias may no longer be the expected outcome, said one legal analyst.

Vladimir Gagic, a criminal defense attorney, hosts a Jodi Arias podcast on his blog and believes that Arias will be found guilty of manslaughter, not first or second-degree murder.

"I'm taking quite a bit of pleasure the jury has been out for two days," he told his listeners on Tuesday evening.

Gagic was very critical of the prosecutor during the trial, stating the state did not show sufficient evidence for a first-degree murder.

"If we're going to send someone to death row," he said, "I want this to be an open and shut case literally."

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