Jodi Arias trial live video stream: Arias case compared to Casey Anthony, watch live streaming video

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PHOENIX - As the trial of Jodi Arias continues, shedding light on a brutal Valley killing, the case is drawing striking comparisons to several other high-profile murder cases from around the nation.

Casey Anthony was found innocent of killing her young daughter in 2011, but if Arias is found guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend at his Mesa home in 2008, she could face the death penalty.

As more shocking evidence comes out of the courtroom, Arias' defense begins to look more like the tact Anthony took at trial, claiming to be a victim of sexual abuse. Arias initially denied involvement in Travis Alexander's death, but later confessed to killing him in self defense.

According to ABC News , legal analyst Nancy Grace says the case also has similarities to that of Scott Peterson, accused of murdering his pregnant wife amid an affair with a masseuse.

"The obvious one is that all three of them killed the one they professed to love the most," said Grace.

In the ABC News report, Grace also points out that all three defendants crafted a web of lies, changing their stories "over and over" to cover up their involvement.

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