Jodi Arias sentencing update: Arias wants Alexander family statements on video instead of in-person

PHOENIX - Attorneys for Jodi Arias have asked the judge to have Travis Alexander's family record their statements on video instead of making them in-person when the sentencing phase begins.

"Ms. Arias requests that any and all victim impact evidence be presented via videotape so as to prevent any unpredictable outburst," attorney Kirk Nurmi wrote in a motion filed the night of the conviction.

Requests like these are made so that emotion is controlled and does not sway the jury who will then decide the punishment, legal analysts told ABC15.

"Thank God we won," said Sandra Padilla.

Padilla's 20-year-old son was murdered back in 2005.

During that sentencing phase, the man who committed the murder also asked to have the relative's statements recorded instead of facing them in the courtroom, she said. The judge in that case denied the request.

"We were able to be our son's voice," said Sandra.

Juan Martinez, the prosecutor in the Jodi Arias trial, was also the prosecutor in the Padilla's case.

"He has a big heart," said Sandra's husband, Rudy.

As of Thursday night, the judge in the Jodi Arias trial had not yet ruled on the defense's motion.

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