Jill Kelley 911 call (AUDIO) diplomatic protection request (VIDEO)

Kelley: 'I'm an honorary consul general'

We're now hearing from the woman who touched off the scandal that brought down the nation's spy chief and has a top military commander under investigation.

But Tampa socialite Jill Kelley isn't speaking to the media.

Instead, she's been calling police to complain about reporters and others who've piled up outside her home.

Tampa police confirms to C-N-N that at least five calls were made from Kelley's home between Sunday and Monday.

In one she requests diplomatic protection:

Kelley: "He walked into the gate, and he walked in as soon as we pulled up. (pause) And he won't leave.

9/11 operator: "How long has he been there."

Kelley: "I don't know. I just got home, and he's been waiting there."

9/11 operator: "And your phone number?"


9/11 operator: inaudible

Kelley: "And you know by any chance, I'm an honorary consul general so I have inviolability so they should not be able to cross this property. I don't know if you want to get a diplomatic protection involved as well because that's against the law to cross my property."

Kelley, a 37-year-old married mother of three, has done volunteer work with the military.

But she's not an employee.

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