Jessica Method locked in Caltrain commuter train, calling for better safety measures

A California woman who was locked on an abandoned commuter train is calling for better safety measures.

Jessica Method was riding a Caltrain just after midnight on march 14 when she fell asleep and missed her stop.

She woke up a mile and a half away, alone in a train maintenance yard.

The 23-year-old San Jose woman says she started to panic when she realized her cell phone battery had died and no one could hear her cries for help.

Method was eventually able to get to the front of the train to where the conductor's controls are and got on the train's radio to call for help.

She says when Caltrain employees arrived, the first thing they did was ask her if she was drunk.

"I started to break the emergency glass for the fire extinguishers and emergency stop valves hoping it might sound an alarm."

She says they need to be more careful about checking for people left on the train at the end of the line.

"And just as they are very diligent about checking tickets they should be just as diligent at checking to make sure no passengers are left."

Method was the second person left on a Caltrain in the last four months.

Caltrain did discipline the employees for not checking the train once it arrived in the maintenance yard and for leaving the conductor's car unlocked.