Jennifer Livingston WKBT anchor: Letter writer Kenneth Krause doesn't take back weight remarks

The man who wrote a letter to a Wisconsin TV anchor about her weight isn't backing down, according to NBC's Today Show.
Jennifer Livingston of WKBT received an email from Kenneth Krause  who complained her size wasn't a "suitable example" for the community's young people.

The letter went viral after her husband, a fellow anchor, posted it online.

Livingston addressed the letter on-air.

According to the Today Show, Krause released a statement saying he'd be happy to help Livingston transform herself over the next year for all of her viewers to see.

The Daily Mail said Krause said he was only trying to help her lose weight.

The Today Show says Livingston invited Krause to appear on her show but he declined.

Information from WKBT contributed to this report.



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