iOS6 review: (AAPL) Apple's new Apple Maps 'Flyby' feature called 'a complete failure'

Before its release, Apple gave the new iPhone 5 to select reviewers at leading national publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Time, CNET and Engadget.

Initial reviews are full of praise, though with a few criticisms. The biggest complaints: The new, smaller Lightning connector, and the new Apple mapping system, which replaces Google Maps.

New OS good, Maps feature "awful"

In addition, Thursday night many reviewers were able to put Apple's new iOS6 operating system to the test, after its release earlier in the day. This will be the mobile operating system on the new iPhone, and is available as an upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

Most reviewers are impressed with the iOS upgrade, with the exception of some aspects of Apple's new mapping system, which replaces Google maps. It no longer offers Google's street view, though it does offer narrated turn by turn directions.

But a growing number of reviewers say the new Apple mapping system, stinks when compared with Google.

Conservative Fox News calls it a "flop" and "awful."

Liberal Huffington Post says Apple's new maps show out of business stores like Woolworths, and even misses some towns entirely.

And the new iOS6 (and the iPhone 5) no longer offers an automatic YouTube app: You will have to set it up yourself. This is more evidence of Apple's separation with Google, which owns YouTube.

But what about the iPhone 5 itself?

CNN/Money has gone through the reviews, and listed some of the findings:

Time Magazine: 

"It's the most polished version yet of what was already easily the most polished phone on the market," Reviewer Harry McCracken said.

The New York Times:

Reviewer David Pogue complains about the new Lightning connector, saying "it doesn't fit any existing accessories, docks or chargers. If you have a few accessories, you could easily pay $150 for adaptors."

The Wall Street Journal:

Reviewer Walter Mossberg says the new phone is "significantly faster, thinner, and lighter, while gaining a larger 4-inch screen."


"The iPhone we've always wanted," Reviewer Scott Stein said. However, he criticizes it for the smaller connector, and the fact that Sprint and Verizon customers still can't use voice and data at the same time.


Reviewer Tim Stevens says it "has all the improvements and refinements people have been demanding over the past year."

Despite a few shortcomings, most reviewers are praising the phone, which is expected to be the fastest selling iPhone ever.

For the full CNN/Money summary and report, click here.

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By PETER SVENSSON AP Technology Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - With a touch of geek whimsy, Google Maps warns anyone who seeks walking directions to Mordor --the land of evil in "The Lord of the Rings"-- to use caution. "One does not simply walk into Mordor," it says. Apple is finding this week that creating an alternative to Google Maps isn't a simple walk, either.

Apple released an update to its iPhone and iPad operating system on Wednesday that replaces Google Maps with Apple's own application. Early upgraders are reporting that the new maps are less detailed, look weird and misplace landmarks. It's shaping up to be a rare setback for Apple.

"It's a complete failure," said Jeffrey Jorgensen. "It's slower, its directions are poorer and its location data doesn't seem to be accurate. All around, it's not quite there yet."

Jorgensen, a user interface designer for a San Francisco-based startup, began using Apple Maps months ago, because Apple made it available early to people in its software development program. He said he finds himself relying on Google Maps running on his wife's Android phone instead.

The most-hyped feature of the new app is a "Flyby" mode that shows three-dimensional renderings of buildings and other features. It presents a convincing depiction of the canyons of Manhattan, but has a hard time rendering bridges and highway overpasses, which tend to look wobbly or partly collapsed.

The Apple app also has a tendency to judge landscape features by their names. For instance, it marks the hulking Madison Square Garden arena in New York as green park space because of the word "Garden" in its name.  The TD Garden football stadium in Boston gets the same treatment.

Conversely, Apple Maps marks "Airfield Gardens," a farm and plant nursery in Dublin, Ireland, as an airfield. This prompted the country's Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, to warn pilots on Thursday not to land


 "Clearly the designation is not only wrong but is dangerously misleading in that it could result in a pilot, unfamiliar with the area, in an emergency situation and without other available information, attempting a landing," he said.

Marcus Thielking, the co-founder of mapping-app developer Skobbler, said the lapses of the Apple app are surprising, particularly since Apple purchases map data from an established provider, Tele Atlas.

"The combination of Apple and TomTom screwing up something like this is very odd. Apple is not the first and only company using Tele Atlas maps," Thielking said.

Tele Atlas is a subsidiary of TomTom, a Dutch maker of navigation devices.

"We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and we are just getting started," said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller. The app will work better the more people use it, she said, alluding to fact that users can report errors and omissions from within the app.

Google has been in the mapping game for much longer, giving it the benefit of years of error reports to help shape its maps.

There's been a Google Maps app on the iPhone since it was launched in 2007, but it's always come with the operating system. Now that it's gone from the list of "core" apps, users are finding that it's not available for download either. Google says its goal is to make Maps available, but hasn't said when that will be.

In the meantime, iPhone and iPad owners can access through their browser, said Google spokesman Nate Tyler. The browser version has fewer features but uses a comprehensive mapping database, he said.

Last year, Apple released another software product that many regard as half-baked: the voice-controlled virtual assistant Siri. But Siri's ability to --at least sometimes-- understand spoken queries was something most users hadn't met before, so they forgave its lapses. With Maps, Apple is replacing an app nearly every smartphone user is already familiar with.

User reaction on social media has been fierce. One Twitter user quipped that the lines of people queuing up to buy the iPhone 5 on Friday will be shorter, because the buyers will be misled by the new Maps.

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