Harveyville, Kansas miracle during tornado as grandson caught before flying out a window

HARVEYVILLE, Kan. - A central Kansas man says he caught his 8-year-old grandson as he was about to be sucked out of a window when a tornado touched down in Harveyville Tuesday night.

Rich and Debbie Roberts were in their living room watching television around 9 p.m. when the tornado, called an EF-2 by the National Weather Service, touched down.

Debbie tells 41 Action News her grandson was walking up the stairs when the windows shattered and he became airborne, heading for a living room window.

Rich, sitting by the window, lost hold of his dog sitting in his lap, but his free hands allowed him to catch his grandson before he flew out the window, the couple said.

The boy hit his head on a coffee table as he flew through the living room, the Wilsons said, but he was otherwise uninjured.

The dog that was sucked through the window was found about an hour later. He was uninjured.

The Wilsons' home, which they say they built together 45 years ago, was severely damaged. A new two-car garage was destroyed. The couple says they think they'll need to rebuild.

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