The 'greenest' car wash in the country?

TEMPE, Ariz. - Mayer Dev with Gaia Water Systems claims his water purifying system is an invention so good, he will take a sip of it out of a car wash.

"It's actually safe enough where you can pretty much drink it.  I'm going to demonstrate it... we're going to fill this up," he said.

Dev says he trusts the system.

"It tastes like carbonated water.  It's safe."

Dev just signed his first client: a soapless, chemical-free car wash.  Water collected in underground reclaim tanks is filtered, oxygenated and carbonated by the company's patented technology. 

"We pretty much double the amount of oxygen in this body of water. And then the water turns out this color.  It's pretty much clear.  There's no smell, there's no odor.  This is very unusual for the industry," Dev explained.

Dev claims the system kills algae naturally.  He believes the invention could be used for other applications.

"Our goal is to oxygenate swimming pools, so there won't be any chlorine."

Arizona State University engineer Bruce Rittmann weighed in from the Biodesign Institute.

"I think if you wanted to use oxygen, oxygen toxicity to kill organisms such as algae, you'd have to go much higher than that," he said.

Gaia's independent tests have shown oxygenated water at levels two or three times the levels at the car wash.

ASU's Rittmann says he would need additional evidence to believe water could be treated on such a grand scale.

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