GoDaddy Super Bowl ad 2013 video: Bar Refaeli, Jesse Heiman make-out, kissing commercial goes viral

GoDaddy is making waves again with it's racy Super Bowl ads.

In this year's commercial, Hollywood extra Jesse Heiman locks lips with Bar Refaeli, the former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Heiman, who appeared on the Today Show Friday morning to explain the ad, kisses Refaeli in a close-up that lasts a very, very long time.

Many believe the commercial isn't very family-friendly. But it turns out this is the 'tame' version of the GoDaddy ad.

There is also a version where Heiman and Refaeli French-kiss and their tongues are much more visible. CBS pulled that version of the ad.

You can watch the ad that will air this Sunday in the video player below or by clicking here :

Be warned, this could definitely be too graphic for some viewers. We're serious.

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