Giant snowman named 'Olaf' built in Wisconsin by Jim Smith of Wabeno

WABENO, WI. - A snowman is the talk of the town in a Wisconsin town because of its size and the cause behind it.

Way out in the town of Wabeno, the giant snowman is standing tall.

"It's just right there. You can't miss it," said Kodie Erickson of Wabeno.

"It's amazing. It's so huge, and I wish I could build something like that," said Collen Bailey of Wabeno.

Jim Smith is the man behind it.

"He just wanted to build a big snowman," said Mark Coenen, Smith's friend.

Coenen, along with others, helped build the giant snowman.

"It was quite the project this year," said Coenen.

The snowman makers say it took about three or four weeks.

"First of all, they put a netting down around for the base and they fill that up," said Coenen.

On the top, tires for eyes and a stack of them for a hat.

This big guy also has a name.

"The kindergarten children at Wabeno school named it this year," said Coene. "The kids named it Olaf from the Disney movie (Frozen)."

Just as it took a while to build Olaf up, it will be a while before he melts down. So, people in town are taking bets on just how long he'll be around.

"As cold as it is this year, that thing might be here in June yet," said Tim Tucker of Wabeno.

"July at least," said Kodie Erickson of Wabeno.

The snowman's creator says it costs $5  to bet how long the snowman will hang around. People can place bets at a local restaurant. Whoever's closest to the day the snowman melts will win half the cash reward. The other half will go to a family in need in the community.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource, WAOW